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Frequently Asked Questions

With L-Card Pro you can eliminate the need for printing paper cards. L-Card is a new, 21st century eco-friendly, digital era business card. You can easily create an unlimited number of personal electronic cards for various needs using the professional Business Card Design Suite, as well as preloaded templates for creating 'Fast Cards", or by converting your existing paper card designs in L-Card. You can share, receive and organize cards to best fit your needs using your smartphone or tablet. L-Card is not just an electronic business card…it is a Smart Card loaded with many cutting-edge features.

Yes, you can. With L-Card Pro you can accurately scan and convert all your business cards into L-Cards using our award-winning OCR/BCR technology. There is NO limit to the number of cards you scan and convert to L-Cards. Use Copy Existing Card button on the Home page to scan an existing paper business card.

L-Card Pro uses the best Business Card Reading OCR software on the market. However, there may be cases when you will have to edit information after scanning a card. You can use several preselected editing options using the dropdown located next to each line, as well as manual editing options within each data field.

You can easily organize all your cards in L-Card Pro using our simple and user-friendly interface. You can store cards in a folder of your choice with a single tap. Choose from Library, Favorites, and Groups/Events folders. You can create an unlimited number of groups, change the name of the groups, and easily move cards between libraries.

No, you will never lose accidentally deleted cards. You can always recover them from the Trash folder located in the Settings section of the app. If you delete cards in the Trash, the cards will be deleted permanently. For your security, Groups cannot be deleted without entering your account password.

Yes, you can. L-Card Pro allows you to easily edit card details including the image and company logo. As soon as you edit the business card information, it will instantly update details on all of your previously shared cards worldwide.

To edit your card please go to My Cards, select the card you would like to edit and swipe card from Right to Left. Edit information and tap PREVIEW and then SAVE. If you have a video attached to the card you can publish a new video by tapping YES on the Edit Video pop up.

When you first tap the Copy Existing Card button on the Home screen you will be asked to play the Copy Card Tutorial video. You can also find the same video under the Help section in Settings.

You can send instant or prerecorded videos up to 30 seconds long. You can also link videos of any size from any video hosting site, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

To set a personal L-Card as the default card for easy sharing, tap the “Check” mark located in the top right corner of the My Cards page.

To add your personal L-Card to your email signature, tap the Add L- Card to my signature button located on the bottom of the Share Card page and enter the email to receive the detailed instructions together with the links to the selected L-Card and L-Card icons.

Yes, you can. Just select the “i” button below the selected card in your library to open the Details page and tap the Add to Contacts button. The job is done! It is that easy.

Sometimes there is still a need to have a paper copy of your business cards for a person’s contact information filing purposes or when providing information to someone who does not have immediate access to their mobile device. L-Card Pro allows you to easily print selected cards or your entire library on sheets.

L-Card Pro allows you to create CSV files for selected cards, libraries or your entire database. To generate a CSV file for every card you store in L-Card Pro, go to Settings and select the Export Full Database CSV tab. You can email that file to the address of your choice.

Yes, you can always upgrade your account from L-Card to L-Card Pro without losing any cards located under your L-Card account.

1) Open the instructional email received from the L-Card app.


2) Copy the desired icon from the provided link.


  3) Click on the pull-down menu in the top left of your Gmail screen and go to Settings.


4) Go to signature box and enter your desired information. Then click on the “Image” button.


5) Paste L-Card icon URL into the provided box, and click Save.


6) Return to instructional Email and copy your unique L-Card link.


7) Highlight the L-Card icon and click the “Link" button. Insert your personal L-Card Link into the "Web Address" box, and click OK.


8) Press Save Changes. Job Done!


Yes, the recipients of your digital cards DO NOT need to have the app to add cards to their Contacts on mobile devices or computers. Just tap "Save Card to Contacts" button located below the QR code on the shared card and save the information. It's that easy!


Yes, the recipients of your digital cards DO NOT need to have the app to add cards in Outlook or Google Contacts. Just click the "smart" L-Card icon, open the card URL, click the "Save Card to Contacts" button located above the QR code and save the information. It's that easy!

Sure! We actually encourage users to use transparent logos when creating L-Cards from templates. We think your cards will look more professional if your company logo does not show any background.

The information shown by Recommended fields will appear on the face of the business card. The Optional field allows you to add and share the additional contact information and will appear on the "i" (info) page found under business cards in Libraries. We encourage you to add your company address info to every card you create if you would like the card recipients to find your office location and get driving directions with a single tap.

When you receive new videos, the library buttons on the app’s home screen will have the alert showing the number of new video messages received. If you agree to accept notifications from L-Card Pro you will also receive new video alerts on the app icon on your device's screen. The L-Cards with the newest videos are always listed on top in libraries.

Secure Storage
We employ protection against network security issues such as Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks, and packet sniffing. L-Card applications are hosted on a highly secure, cloud-based platform. The data center is in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, 27018:2014, and ISO/IEC 9001:2015 for the services we are using.

Secure Data Transfers
Data between users and our cloud-based server is transferred over a secure channel using 256-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption with 2048 bit private RSA keys, the high-level standard for secure internet network connections. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and our users.

Your Data is Backed Up
Redundant backups of all data over multiple servers are used to prevent the remote possibility of data loss. In the unlikely event that this redundancy was to fail, your contacts, as well as your devices, will still contain copies of your data. 


You can easily create the eleganat custom QR design for your digital business cards. Feel free to use the code to print it on marketing materials and give-aways, show it on a TV screen during your presentations or place the code on banners and yard signs. Your contacts can scan the L-Card QR code with the iPhone/iPad and latest generation Samsung devices general Camera app, or any generic QR readers. Contact information change on L-Card will automatically upgrade the existing QR codes. This wil save you money and time.

Use the link below to see the custom QR code design instructions: